The goal is to bring innovative, efficient, and sustainable lighting everywhere.


HiPole X can work as both LED floodlight and area light. Thanks to AGC’s unprecedented design, it can deliver incredible efficiency without sacrificing application performance. With Type 2/3/4/5 and asymmetric lighting distributions to meet any of your project needs, power rated by small size 180W and 300W, larger size 450W and 600W, enough to replace the 400W-1000W old lamps. HiPole X is a good alternative for traditional floodlight and area lighting with quick payback and improved performance. As per feedback, HiPole X is the most suitable LED fixture that fulfills all the requirements of the tennis court, also it works perfectly to use as area lighting.

  • Lighter weight heat sink compared with traditional lamps.
  • PC optic lens up to 93% lighting transparency.
  • Backlight control achieves superior lighting quality.
  • Quick mounting by reading the graduated scale, installation easier.
  • The best lighting solution for use in tennis courts, parking area, etc.

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This robust easier to installation and maintenance and high-performance Mezzo ST36 LED street light brings comfort and safety to any road or street.

  • Full wattage: 20w/30w/60w/75w/100w/120w/150w/180w/200w.
  • 160lm/W, 10KV, P66 & IK09
  • Excellent heat dissipation, robust and durable design, passed 3G vibration test.
  • High compatibility with 3030, 3535, 5050 chips, providing application flexibility.
  • Protection class I or II.
  • Plug-and-play microwave and PIR sensor are available.
  • Photocell, 3/5/7 pins NEMA Socket and LoRa/Zhaga socket for smart city controls optional.
  • Removable metal gear plate, easy to maintain.
  • Can be installed on vertical poles or horizontal arms, the angle can be adjusted ±15° easily
  • Wide choice of optics and installation spigots.

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Anole is designed for sustained, long-term performance with advanced thermal management, an elegantly simple heat sink and industry leading surge protection. The economical product line provides value-oriented area lighting solutions for a variety of applications without compromising quality or performance.

  • The lumen package ranges from 4200 48,000 nominal lumens, replace 70W – 1000W HID luminaires
  • Vertical heat fins that are optimal for heat dissipation while keeping a smooth outer surface
  • The LED driver chamber can be opened separately
  • Big driver chamber, several types of drivers are available, and enough space to install intelligent devices.
  • Different types of mounting brackets are available in options, such as a pole-arm (square or round), slip fitter, trunnion, and U bracket as a floodlight. 
  • Optional backlight control shield
  • Plug-and-play sensors
  • ANSI 3G rated for high-vibration applications
  • Compact and lightweight design with low EPA 
  • 5 years warranty or 10 year warranty options

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Innovative design separates LED module from driver chamber, enhances the air convection and therefore brings excellent heat dissipation performance.

  • Smooth surface avoids accumulationof dust, sand, leaves, water andsnow
  • It’s easy to maintain byloosingtwo screws of the bottomcover
  • Photocell, 3/5/7 pin NEMAsocketLoRa/Zhaga socket optional
  • Full wattage: Small size: 20w/30w/40w, Mediumsize: 60w/75w/100w, Large size: 120w/150w/180w
  • Plug-and-play microwave/PIR sensor optional

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Lotus LED post top -the IF Award 2020 Winner, brings architectural style to area and site and pedestrian scale applications. Its professional optic provides high level of visibility and manages the glare well.

  • Contemporary, architectural design, elegant appearance.
  • Smooth housing without any screws exposed.
  • 30W 60W 75W 100W with 120lm/W.
  • 7 optics available.
  • φ60mm & φ76mm mount kit available.
  • Post top installation or wall mounting.

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A circular flexible LED street light to be mounted on arm or wire, super smooth and modern lines in a classic form.

  •  Super smooth design
  •  Strong anti-corrosion performance
  •  Built in Motion Sensor is optional
  •  Professional light distribution
  •  Multiple installation options: Side entry, post top and Suspension
  •  φ60mm & φ76mm spigot are available.

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